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Hello cookie friends,

You might be wondering why this video is without my usual speaking instruction well YouTube is constantly changing and as a creator on this platform we must follow the trends or get left behind. The current popular style of video is instrumental compilations, they have taken the lions share of the views & revenue. This shift has forced me to cave to the masses, hopefully the change will improve the situation.

This new format isn’t set in stone, part of YouTube is trying new things testing what works with our audience. I will most certainly take everyones feedback into consideration. I am not looking to exploit this platform only to maintain my average revenue.

Access to the usual full length speaking tutorial (including supplies & templates) is available on for a small monthly donation. If you enjoy my teaching style and feel that my videos add value to your cookie journey then your financial support will make it possible for me to continue making videos.

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Music from – Carol of the Bells by Patrick Hawes (PRS)

Supplies used in this video

Rolling mat I use to roll dough:
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Some of my preferred tools & supplies can be found here:

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