Stupid Arguments Used for the Ketogenic Diet

In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at some of the Stupid Arguments that are used to Promote the Ketogenic Diet. John points out that in order to make any sense out of Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet, we have to understand that all Animals and even Plants have a Back Up System and have to Adapt themselves in some manner to Unfavorable or Less Than Ideal Conditions and, therefore, are forced to go for extended periods without Food, which kicks in Ketosis and Autolysis. In other words, Animals will Hibernate or Aestivate – they’ll have a Winter Sleep or a Summer Sleep depending upon whether it’s too cold or it’s too dry.

John also explains the difference between Autolysis and Autophagy and 6 ways to induce Apoptosis aka Programmed Cell Death for those with Cancer because Cancer Cells become Immortal and Apoptosis takes away the Immortality of Cancer Cells. In other words, there are simple Natural ways to Kill Cancer Cells by Reprogramming the Self-Destruct Mechanism back into the Cancer Cells.

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