How To Make Carnitas In Crock Pot | Slow Cooker Recipe For Tacos

In this video I show how to make carnitas in a crock pot/slow cooker, in slideshow form(of course just like my other videos)instead of an actual clip specifically for all the lazies out there who are in search of lazy-making food recipes!

Whether you are a lazy ass cooker or not like myself, I know the struggle of looking up recipes here on youtube and having to go back and forth on the video and pausing it a million times throughout the video just to see how many teaspoons of salt the recipe requires! Yeah, I know, funny huh.

And if you are too lazy to cook but you are truly addicted to tasty, flavorful food just try this Mexican pulled pork recipe. Delicioulsy easy and lazy as hell!

Making carnitas, as it is called in Michoacan, Mexico from where they originated, can become a tedious process but not really if you own a slow cooker at home…

Making carnitas tacos can be as simple as seasoning, throwing pork and all the ingredients in the cooker, letting it do its job, shredding it, and frying it for a few minutes and Voila! There you have your delicious, appetizing tacos de carnitas!

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