Greek Salmon Salad Bowls

These Greek Salmon Salad Bowls are packed with delicious, feel-good ingredients and easy to make in just 20 minutes!

Greek Salmon Salad Bowls

Barclay and I have been making classic Greek salads on repeat this summer, especially now that all of those colorful fresh bell peppers, red onions and cucumbers are back in season.  (Yum, yum, and yum.)  But lately, we’ve gotten on this kick of adding some zesty pan-seared salmon, creamy avocado, and peppery arugula into the mix as well, in order to transform our usual side salad into more of a hearty entrée.

And guys, we are hooked. 

I owe the inspiration for this one to my Insta-friend, Amy from VeggieBellie, who recently posted about a Greek salad she made with flaky tuna and arugula.  It looked so good that I instantly went out to shop for the ingredients to make one for myself for lunch.  But our little neighborhood market only happened to be carrying salmon that day.  So I brought it home and gave it a quick pan-sear on the stove (because who wants to turn on the oven in August), diced up a big ripe avocado to add in (because what salad isn’t better with some avo), and dressed everything as the Greeks do with just a quick drizzle of olive oil and vinegar (because isn’t that really all we ever need anyway?!).  And in less than 20 minutes, this gorgeous, hearty, healthy salad was ready for lunch.  And we loved it — ha, so much so that we’ve continued to make it a half dozen times since!

We’ve discovered that if we tag-team this one — with me on salmon duty while Barc chops the veggies — it can literally be ready to go in less than 10 minutes.  And as delicious as it is with warm salmon fresh outta the skillet, we’ve found that the leftovers hold up great in the fridge, making this salad a great healthy meal prep recipe as well.

Bottom line, it’s delicious and I have a good feeling you’re going to get hooked on this one too.  Let’s make some salad!

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