Grilled Zucchini Greek Salad

In this this delicious Grilled Zucchini Greek Salad grilled zucchini replaces the cucumbers, and this is a tasty low-carb Greek Salad variation when you have zucchini that needs to be used! Use Zucchini Recipes to find more recipes like this one.

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Over the weekend I worked on updating my huge collection of 50 Amazing Zucchini Recipes and realized I really wanted better photos for this Grilled Zucchini Greek Salad. So I made it and took some greatly improved photos, and remembered that wow, is this recipe ever a winner! It’s a simple idea I came up with years ago when my garden had lots of zucchini and tomatoes, and not many cucumbers.

Grilling the zucchini with olive oil and Greek Seasoning, and then combining the grilled zucchini pieces with tomatoes, olives, Feta cheese, and an oregano-flavored vinaigrette dressing makes a wonderful Greek Salad variation, even if it’s not authentically Greek.

And I am not sure what I was thinking back in the day, but this previously was a recipe for only one serving of salad, and I’m updating it to be a regular-sized salad that makes about six servings, or maybe only four if you really like these ingredients. If you need ideas for using zucchini I hope you’ll give this favorite of mine a try. If you’re a Greek Salad fan, I bet you’re going to love it!

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