South African recipe: Bobotie and yellow rice

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What´s cooking? I´m cooking 🙂 My Facebook and Instagram friend Gerda asked me took something south african so I decided on the delicious cape malay dish: Bobotie and of course I serve it with yellow rice.

Bobotie is well known for as the dish that excites your tastebuds and leave them tingling and wanting more. It is sweetish and tangy.

Sit back, enjoy and get inspired to try this step by step recipe yourself.

Please let me know if you do try this. There are several variations of cooking this dish. Let me know if you have another recipe and please leave a comment should you try this.

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♡ Recipe ♡


– 500g minced Beef or Lamb
– 1-2 tbs oil
– 2 onions
– 2 garlic cloves
– 5cm freshly grated ginger
– 2 tbs curry
– 2 tsp numeric
– 2 tsp apricot jam
– 2 tbs chutney
– 2 tbs worcester sauce
– 2 tbs vinegar
– 50ml sultanas
– 3 slices of toast (crusts removed and cubed)
– 250ml milk
– pinch of salt
– 2 eggs
– a few bay leaves

– almond slivers (roasted)

Step 1
Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions until they are soft.
Also preheat the oven to 180 deg. celsius.
Pour the milk over the bread crusts.

Step 2
Add the minced meat to the onions and fry tim it´s brown and not clumpy. Halfway through add the salt.

Step 3
Just before the meat is done, add the garlic and ginger.

Step 4
Now add – curry, tumeric, worcester sauce, sultanas, almonds, vinegar, chutney, apricot jam
Mix everything together and let the meat and spices mingle. Leave on a low heat until all the flavours are developed and soaked by the meat.

Step 5
Squeeze excess milk from the bread crumbs and add the bread to the mixture. Keep the mild aside.

Step 6
Add the eggs to the remaining milk and whisk together.

Step 7
Pour mince mixture into a baking dish, pour the milk and egg over it, place the bay leaves on top and bake for 40 minutes.

Yellow rice

– 1 cups of long grain rice
– 2,5 cups of water
– 1,5 tsp numeric
– 3 tsp sugar
– a cinnamon stick or 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
– 1/2 cup sultanas
– 1 tbs butter
-1/2 tsp salt

Step 1
Combine everything in a pot.

Step 2
Bring the water to a boil, then lower the heat and leave the rice to simmer covered for 20 minutes.

I like to have it with steamed veggies 🙂

Guten Appetit!


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