CrossFit – A Massie Christmas Dinner: Chocolate Decadence

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Nick Massie, a chef who runs cooks up Christmas dinner with his usual tongue-in-cheek zest.

In Part 1, he prepares a pork leg. He begins by brining the leg with water and kosher salt. Next, he brings in two friends to help whip up seasoning comprising apple juice, maple syrup, granulated garlic and chipotle sauce. The ham takes eight hours to cook at 250 F on a large grill.

In Part 2, it’s time for sweet potatoes. The recipe is simple: slice sweet potatoes, arrange them in a pan, drizzle with melted butter, and add dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt.

“This is going to be flipped upside when we’re done, so your initial pattern is going to be on the top,” Massie says.

Part 3 is about dessert: chocolate decadence cake.

“It’s like a gluten-free chocolate cake with a nice ganache on it,” Massie says.

The ingredients include chocolate, eggs, heavy cream and butter.

Finally, in Part 4, he explains the short steps involved in creating the raspberry coulis for the cake, which he describes as “to die for.”

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