Gordon Ramsay Christmas Recipe: How To Make Roasted Turkey With Lemon Parsley & Garlic

CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Roasted Turkey With Lemon Parsley & Garlic | Gordon Ramsay. Making Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas turkey, let’s see if it’s really as good as he says!
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0:00 Making the Turkey Butter
0:25 Stuffing the Turkey
0:52 Buttering the Turkey
1:31 Wrapping with Bacon
1:46 Collecting the Drippings
1:57 Making the Turkey Gravy
3:25 Serving the Turkey

Ingredients for making Gordon Ramsay’s roasted turkey:
Whole turkey
375g Softened Butter
Olive oil
2 lemons for lemon zest and juice
1 full lemon
3 garlic cloves
Chopped parsley
2 onions
4-6 bay leaves
2 cups cherry tomatoes
1 litre dry cider
2 1/2 cups chicken stock
Toasted walnuts

Instructions for making Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas turkey:
– We’re starting out by making a compound butter which Ramsay says is key to keeping to turkey incredibly moist
– Season very soft butter with salt and pepper then add a little olive oil to keep the butter from burning
– Now add the zest of two lemons plus their juice to give it citrus zing then throw in pureed garlic and chopped parsley then give it all a good mix
– Once the butter is done, set it aside while to prep your turkey
– First tuck the wings under the body just to get them out of the way then turn the turkey upright and season the inside cavity with a decent amount of salt and pepper
– Next cut two onions in half and put them inside the cavity of the turkey then do the same with a lemon and a few bay leaves
– These will steam inside the turkey while it bakes to infuse the meat with flavour
– Now carefully use your fingers to separate the skin from the breast meat so the butter can be stuffed underneath it
– Do this on both ends of the turkey being very careful to not break the skin
– Now you can add the butter, form a handful of butter into a ball and gently slide it under the loose skin
– Once it’s all under the skin, use the edge of your hand on the outside of the skin to push it further towards the centre
– Flip the turkey around and do the same on the other side then rub the rest of the butter on the outside of the skin
– This will seriously help to keep the meat nice and juicy
– Once you’ve throughly massaged the butter into the skin, transfer your turkey to a roasting pan
– Drizzle the top with a little more olive oil to help the skin crisp up and also prevent the butter from burning
– Bake in 425 degree oven for 10 minutes, ideally your turkey should be more browned than ours got, you’ll see why that’s important later
– Baste the turkey with the juices from the bottom of the pan then lay strips of smoked bacon over the breast
– This is just another layer of flavour that you will also use later when it comes time to make gravy
– Put it back in the oven at 350 for about 2 and a half hours, basting every so often
– To test if it’s cooked, Gordon suggests to stick a knife in the bottom of the thigh and if the juices run clear, you know it’s ready
– The turkey needs to rest now for 2 and a half hours so use tongs in one end and a carving fork in the other to carefully transfer it to a clean tray
– Now pour out all the fat and juices from the bottom of the tray
– If you have the space, and a non-induction stove top, place the tray directly on the stove and start heating it up to make your gravy
– Meanwhile, remove the bacon from the breast and the onions, lemon and bay leaves from the inside cavity of the turkey
– Once everything is removed, give it all a rough chop. No need to be too thorough here, it’s all going to be strained later anyway
– For this next part we had to switch things up a bit since we only have an induction stove which wouldn’t work with the roasting pan
– Instead we used a clean pot but added a little of the fat and juices from the turkey
– Add the bacon, lemon and onions to the pot and fry that off a bit
– Next add a couple sprigs of rosemary to add an aromatic punch (as Ramsay says) then fry
– Once you start to smell the rosemary, add chopped tomatoes to not only add flavour but also help to thicken it
– While that cooks, cut off the wings and tail of your turkey plus any bits that you don’t plan on eating
– Add these to the pot and stir everything together
– Now pour in dry cider which will add a subtle apple taste the really compliments the flavor of the turkey
– Allow the cider to reduce then pour in all the drippings that have accumulated
– Bring it up to a boil then use a potato masher to crush the vegetables and turkey meat to make sure every bit of flavor is released
– Now add chicken stock and reduce again, once it’s thickened and reduced a bit, put in a fresh sprig of rosemary to infuse
– When you’re about to eat, pour the hot gravy over top and serve your roasted turkey!