🐰DIY Vegan⎟Easter Desserts⎟How to make Strawberry Shortcake Trifles 🍓

Vegan⎟Easter Desserts⎟Strawberry Shortcake Trifles 🍓
♡Simple dessert in less than an hour♡
➢It won’t more than one bite to fall in love with these vegan trifles!
➢A perfect easter dessert that can be made individually to please everybody!
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1 box of pound cake (make sure to check the label of the brand to ensure it doesn’t contain milk or eggs; excluding milk and eggs it calls for to make the cake, we will use substitutes)
1 box of strawberries
Coconut Cream (make sure its chilled)
Powdered sugar

☼ I’m not going to list measurements because you can adjust to your own preferences (making the coconut whip cream sweeter or less sweet) and adjust accordingly to how many people you will be serving.

♡Egg Replacer♡
→If you opt for the egg replacer, the measurement is 1 tbsp with 3 tbsp of water per egg.
→Same measurements apply to using flaxseed (but allow to thicken)
→Either will work
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🌿 I strive to make veganism easy for all people, new to the lifestyle, or a veteran vegan looking for something new!
In my experience, my non-vegan family and friends are always more willing to try these delicious traditional recipes before they can get on board with my more healthier vegan lifestyle! 🌿

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