10 Spring-Themed Desserts To Enjoy During The Most Beautiful Season Of The Year

Spring is in the air! The season of blue sky & sunshine, cute little bunnies with chocolate eggs and beautiful flowers in blossom! Spring is truly the most beautiful season of them all, which calls for the most beautiful desserts. That’s why panda has prepared the ultimate selection of our best spring-themed recipes – from Chocolate Egg Geodes to Easter Bunny Buns there’s plenty of variety to pick your favorite!

0:00 Chocolate Egg Geodes
0:45 Chocolate Birds Nest Cake
1:49 Bunny With Carrot Buns
2:57 Chocolate Cheese Cake Egg
3:52 Daisy Bunny Cake
4:55 Strawberry Carrot
5:37 Flower Biscuits
6:05 Chocolate Butterfly Muffins
6:57 Transparent Lemon Pie
8:27 Daisy Biscuits
9:20 Carrot Brownie
10:14 Hedgehog Donut Holes

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