Best Of April – Hungry Panda’s 10 Favorite Recipes Of The Month

It’s time to check out the best recipes of the month! April was a lovely month in regards to weather, celebration of Easter and… desserts! Here’s a compilation of our favorites with a new recipe to start off the video! Enjoy our recipe recap of April!

0:00 Starry Night Cake
1:42 Burning Candles Cake
2:46 Rainbow Poo Cupcake
3:34 Stitch Cake Roll From “Lilo & Stitch”
4:50 Pandas in Jungle Cake
5:42 Chocolate Egg With Pecans And Marzipan
6:42 Edible Chewbacca Cups From “Star Wars”
7:35 Unicorn Biscuits
8:18 Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg
9:05 Birch Tree Cake
10:13 Troll Cupcakes From “Trolls”

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