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This recipe is by request from a dear viewer. They contacted me and asked me if I had a recipe for fruit and nut eggs that they remembered from their youth. Their mother made them every Easter but they had not had them in a very long time. So I promised I would share a recipe and here it is!

Fruit and nut eggs may be familiar to some of you. I remember them from when I was a child. They involve a creamy filling that is similar to that of a vanilla cream filled chocolate. The difference is that this also has chopped candied cherries and walnuts and is flavored with vanilla and a bit of the cherry juice or extract. You can also choose to add almond extract if you like to enhance the cherry flavor.

These are easy to make overall, but they are time and labor intense so you will want to prep yourself to spend an entire afternoon making these. One recipe will make a lot!

I molded my filling using an egg mold that I purchased from Amazon You can always choose to roll these into bon bons if you like to make things easier. Since this is for Easter I wanted to do things up right.

I made sure to spray the mold before I put in the prepared filling “dough” and unmolded it and placed the egg on to a sheet lined with parchment. The fillings went into the fridge to set for about thirty minutes before dipping into a coating. I used a combination of Wilton candy melts and semi sweet baking chocolate. This gives a richer flavor than simply using the candy melt.

Once dipped place the eggs onto a rack or a sheet pan lined with parchment. Return to the refrigerator for 15 more minutes before decorating.

I decorated my eggs with bright molded chocolates in the shapes of bunnies, lambs and ducks just for fun. The mold I used can be found here: You can choose to leave them plain, or decorate with either buttercream or royal icing.

I hope that this fulfills a memory and I hope that if you give these a try that you love them! I enjoyed replicating a recipe from long ago as well and hope you enjoyed sharing this journey with me!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

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