Quick & Easy Easter Treats | No Bake

Quick and easy Easter treats to make with children this Easter. These marshmallow Easter nests require no baking and are great to make with kids – nice and messy!
The Easter bark makes use of all the sweets you may have in your cupboard, super quick and easy you can just sprinkle over whatever candy you have in the house to make this delicious chocolate bark.


Easter Nests:
5 cups Rice Crispies
4 cups marshmallows (or use Fluff)
1 teaspoon of Vanilla essence
1/4 cup butter
Melted chocolate for drizzling, Mini Eggs for decoration.

Easter Bark
400g white chololate (half and half with milk if you don’t have enough)
3 different coloured colours to mix in or use candy melts
Mixture of sweets for decoration

I’d love to know if you made these yourself! Enjoy xx

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