Surprise Easter Chocolate Eggs – Mousse Cake Inside!

Learn how to make Easter cake with orange vanilla mousse, chocolate biscuit and soft caramel inside of a chocolate egg. Happy Easter!

Ingredients (for 1 egg 15cm):
Orange mousse:
Egg yolks 2 pcs
Sugar 50 g
Fresh orange juice 300 ml
Vanilla bean 1 pc (or Vanilla extract 1 tsp)
Gelatin 7 g
Cream 33% -35% 150 g
Chocolate biscuit:
Egg yolks 2 pcs
Cocoa 1 g
Egg proteins 4 pcs
Flour 50 g
Sugar 60 g
Soft caramel:
Sugar 30 g
Cream 33% -35% 100 ml
Butter 15 g
Chocolate elements:
220 g of milk chocolate
Caramel for decoration:
Sugar 100 g
Water 20 g
Golden dye

Chocolate eggs:
Temper chocolate – melt 80 % of your chocolate (heat to 40-45C). Add the rest 20% and cool stirring constantly to 25C. If you don’t have cooking thermometer, put chocolate on your lip to determine the approximate temperature. Using the brush, apply a thin layer of chocolate over the entire surface of your forms. Keep in fridge for 10 minutes and cover the form with chocolate again. Pour half of the chocolate in one form, flip and let surplus chocolate drip off. Remove the surpluses with spatula. Turn the form upside down on a flat surface with parchment and leave in fridge overnight. With the rest of a chocolate and cooking bag (or cooking rings) make round buttons – large and medium. Keep in fridge. If it’s necessary remove, before you get half the eggs, remove the excess chocolate from the surface of the shape to make sure that they do not glue the mold and chocolate egg halves. If you use plastic molds, you will see that there is air between the mold and chocolate halves, so it’s time to get them.
Orange mousse:
Soak gelatin in the cold water and allow it to swell.
Beat egg yolks with sugar. Pour orange juice in saucepan. Add egg yolk mixture and vanilla. Heat the mixture to thickening (82 C). Cool to room temperature. Whip cream and add it to orange English cream.
Chocolate biscuit:
Preheat oven to 180 C.
Prepare a baking sheet and shoot it with parchment paper. Whisk egg proteins adding sugar gradually. Mix the meringue with egg yolks. Add sieved cocoa and flour and mix. Bake for 10-15 min depending on layer depth. Cool completely. Cut the desired egg shape, smaller than your molds for chocolate egg.
Soft caramel:
Bring cream to boil. Melt and caramelize sugar on medium heat shaking a pan from time to time. Remove from the heat and pour the hot cream stirring constantly. Add the butter.
First, check whether the chocolate halves are ready. Then put them back in molds. Pour orange mousse, add soft caramel and close them with biscuit. Keep in fridge for several hours until gelatin thickens mousse. Apply liquid chocolate on chocolate egg halves and put one on another.
Allow to cool. Then put melted chocolate on round chocolate buttons and set an egg on it. Hold until the chocolate hardens.
Working with chocolate, it’s better to keep room temperature 20-23 C. Do not hold or touch chocolate egg halves for a long time, otherwise it will melt and you may leave prints on chocolate mirror surface
Caramel for decoration:
Make caramel from sugar and water. Remove from heat, add golden dye and pour everything on the silicone mat. Smooth it over the entire surface to make a thin layer. Allow to harden, then break into random pieces and decorate the egg using viscous chocolate as glue.
You may also decorate eggs with caramelized oranges.