BOO Ghost Halloween Cookies(How To)

Hey everyone, here are some cute & easy to make ghost can use any ghost cookie cutter as long as it has his hands sticking out, so it can look like he’s holding the strings…In the video I mention a spider web cookie cutter..I mentioned that the one in last years video was larger than the one in this video, but it turns out that it’s the same one!!(I thought I had used a larger one, because I’ve done them in the larger size as well & you can find that large 4.5 inch web cutter on ebay)
So, yeah..same cutter, LOL!! Also I found on ebay the pack the purple web cutter comes in & it’s Not by Wilton like I thought!!! Geesh..I couldn’t get anything right today!? 😛 I’ll leave links down below to where you can get that set from & the larger web cutter, & the ghost cutter I’m using here as well!! If any of these sell out on ebay, you can try looking for them on Amazon..All right guys, I think that is all..hope you like them & thanks so much for watching!! =)
Have A Sweet & Safe Halloween!!!

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Here is a link to this ghost cookie cutter on ebay..

Here is the link to the 4.5 web cutter..

Here is the link to the 3 inch purple web cutter..

Here is the link to the Americolor Edible Black marker I used…