Slow Cooker Witches Brew Stew {SPOOKY HALLOWEEN RECIPE)


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Hot sausage, ground beef, and plenty of vegetables flavor this AMAZING Halloween inspired soup. Enjoy!


1 lb. ground beef
1 lb. hot breakfast sausage I use Jimmy Dean (use original if you don’t like spicy)
3-4 large carrots, sliced then cut into pumpkin shapes
2 cups small diced gold potatoes
3 celery stalks diced
1 cup diced leeks (1 large leek)
1 tsp. minced garlic
1 Tbsp. Italian herb seasoning – This is found with the other spices at the store. It has oregano, marjoram, savory, thyme, basil, rosemary and sage. If you do not have this, use a mixture of what you do have.
3/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
10.5 oz. Campbell’s Condensed French Onion Soup
10.5 oz. Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup
1.5 cups water
32 oz. box beef broth
10 mushrooms (cut in half, then skull face cut into it, see directions)

6-Quart or larger

NOTE- wait to add the mushrooms until the end of cooking time.
In a large skillet on the stovetop set to medium-high heat, brown the ground beef and sausage together. Crumble and drain off fat. Add to the slow cooker.
Peel and slice the carrots. Cut the carrots slices into pumpkin shapes. Add to the slow cooker.
sliced carrots cut into pumpkin shapes
Add the remaining ingredients EXCEPT for the mushrooms.
Place the lid on the slow cooker.
Cook on HIGH for 4 hours or LOW for 8 hours.
When the cooking time is near done. Prepare the mushrooms. Cut them down the middle lengthwise, making them each into two pieces. Use a straw to poke out the eyes and use a knife to make two slits for a nose. I also make slits on the stem.
whole mushrooms with skull faces cut into them
Add the mushrooms to the slow cooker after the cooking time is done. Let the mushrooms cook for 10 minutes along with the rest of the soup. I add the mushrooms at the end of the cooking time so they will keep their shape.


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