Steamed Carrot-Ginger Pudding with Tea-Custard (Crème Anglaise)—Anglo-Indian Recipe for Christmas

Steamed puddings are old-fashioned desserts that were common in England before households had reliable ovens. Steamed puddings lie somewhere in the middle of the cake–pudding continuum—neither as light and airy as a cake, nor as silky and moist as a modern pudding. We loved its unique texture when we tried it! This recipe is based on the original recipe in ‘Anglo-Indian Food and Customs’ by Patricia Brown. We turned what was originally a carrot steamed pudding into a ginger pudding by adding ginger—both paste and candied. We also changed the proportions to match the sweetness and the texture that we wanted.

Steamed puddings are commonly served with a custard sauce—crème anglaise—which we decided to infuse with tea. The idea of a ginger pudding with a tea sauce sounded perfect, and to our surprise it really works!

Steamed puddings are traditionally made in pudding basins, which are made of metal or ceramic. Some have lids and some—like the one we are using—need to be covered with a foil and baking paper with a pleat that allows the pudding to expand. It also has a lip which lets you tie a string around it and create a sling with which the pudding pot can be safely lowered into and retrieved from the pot of boiling water.

If you enjoy the history of food and are not afraid to try something new you should try this recipe.

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