Thanksgiving Apple Recipe – Hunger Tamer -Thanksgiving Recipe Idea

Meet the Hunger Tamer, a great Thanksgiving apple recipe idea. Crepe batter combined with juicy apples that are either grated or chopped in chunks for more flavor, then cooked in a pan with melted butter..

It is very simple to make and will do a delicious thanksgiving recipe. Personally, it is something I had never tried before and it is really an interesting and versatile dessert. Once the batter is made you can decide how thick or thin you want to cook those Thanksgiving hunger tamers. Cook them thin and you will get delicious thick apple crepes. Cook them thick and you will more an apple cake that can be bakes in a pan

200 gr of plain flour
2 whole eggs
100 gr of caster sugar
25o ml of full cream milk
4 or 5 apples (optional).
3 tablespoons of oil
3 tablespoons of apple or pear liquor
1 pinch of salt

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