An Apple Recipe

The effect of the man made on nature is more often despised than revered in public opinion. A pessimistic future and cavalier past are hallmarks of this disdain. While humanity’s ideas of design and progress propagate, producing synthetic and artificial materials, nature too is constantly reproducing and evolving.

In “An Apple Recipe” Adam Kaynan personifies the characters of “Man Made” and “Nature” through respective materials, such as screws and suction cups or rice and corn. A narrative is contrived through choreographing events to The Taqasim Tribe’s Bayyati, from their album Zaghrafa Amal.

As the action unfolds, intense rhythm proceeds like battle drums. Viscous visual textures resemble weapons and casualties of combat. All the while, a pair of hands performs simultaneous repair and mutilation. The paradox of the performance is whether the performer is a murderer or surgeon.