Candy Apple Recipe

Candy Apple Recipe:

2 cups granulated sugar
3/4 cups water
1/2 cup light corn syrup
Lorann Flavored Oil (optional)
Americolor Gel (optional)
Apples (any kind)
Sticks (wooden dowel or candy sticks)
Baking Soda
Vinegar or Lemon Juice
Silicone Mat/Flat sheet pan
Parchment Paper/aluminum foil
Buttered Spray

Cleaning Apples:

In a large pot you will need to begin the boiling process of some water. Once your water has reached a boil you will need to add baking soda and vinegar (lemon juice) SLOWLY and then remove your pot from the heat. Carefully begin adding your apples and rotate them around so that all wax material can be removed. DO NOT LEAVE THE APPLES SUBMERGED IN THE BOILING WATER MIXTURE TOO LONG…..I generally count about 30 seconds and then remove my apples. Remove all water residue from the apples and you can also begin to add your candy sticks or wooden dowels to your apples so they will be ready for the dipping process.

Candy Mixture:

Add sugar, water and light corn syrup to a pot. If you want to use a base color you can I typically use bright white from Americolor and then I will add my main color next and stir it around until sugar is completely mixed together with the water and corn syrup. For the sake of this video I did not add any additional colors because we wanted marble candy apples. You will need to boil your mixture until is reaches a hard crack candy stage which is normally 300 degrees F. Before it get to the hard crack stage I will add my flavored oil or I will add it once it reaches the hard crack stage. It is my recommendation that you do not add the oil until the very end of the process. Now you are ready to dip your apples. I purchased a silicone mat from Amazon but you can use tools that you already have like a flat pan, cover it will parchment paper/aluminum foil and spray the paper/aluminum foil. I use a butter spray but since I had the silicone mat there was no need to spray because once the apple hardens it will come up immediately from the mat.

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