Caramel Apple Recipe

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you this caramel apple recipe! No matter how you pronounce this gooey fall dessert topping, warm caramel is perfect for coating crisp, seasonal apples. Start by removing the stems from whatever apples you choose, and insert a skewer. Set the apples on a buttered baking sheet. To prepare your caramel recipe, combine one 14-ounce package of vanilla caramels and two tablespoons of whipping cream. Stir this mixture over medium low heat until completely melted. Reheat the caramel to thin it out. Using the skewer to hold it, dip each apple into the caramel until coated. Here’s the fun part of this homemade caramel apple recipe: toppings! Try chopped nuts, crushed pretzels, or even mini chocolate chips. The added crunch goes perfectly with the rich caramel and tart apples. For a perfect fall recipe, give this candy apple recipe a try!

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