Mini Caramel Apple Recipe – How To by Minnie’s Minute

This video will show you a step-by-step on a cool, easy and fun mini caramel apple recipe! Learn from Minnie the Chihuahua on how-to make these fun treats. This mini caramel apple recipe is perfect for all ages with adult supervision.

The fun part about these caramel apple treats is that you can choose which ever topping you like to dip above the caramel. Mini caramel apple bits like these is the perfect fun sweet treat for anyone to enjoy.

Remember Minnie is a dog and she made these treats for her human owners. This recipe might be taught by a pet but it is not intended for dog consumption. Please be mindful of your pet’s health and wellbeing when cooking around them.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this quick easy look at a mini caramel apple recipe!