Broccoli Baking Recipe Mixed Healthy Vegetables

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Broccoli Baking Oven Recipe
Cape pepper
Onion celery
Carrot garlic
purple cabbage
Ingredients for sauce
Salt pepper pepper
stale bread
pepper paste
Lemon juice olive oil
Aluminum foil
Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to everyone happy days
Making an easy healthy vegetable baking
Olive oil broccoli baking recipe with mixed vegetables gorgeous healthy and tasty
 You can use frozen or fresh broccoli
Red cape pepper
Root celery
Ingredients for sauce
Black pepper and chili pepper
You can use purple cabbage in addition to vegetables
You can make it smell nice with stale bread
pepper paste
Aluminum foil
Cut the stems of broccoli
Place the broccoli on the deep oven tray so that the stems stay at the bottom
Remove the seeds of red pepper caps
Add peppers
Peel celery root thick
Thicken the celery
Add celery
You are stripped of onions
Chop onions in thick shape
Add bulbs
You are stripped of garlic
Chop and add garlic a little
Peel the carrots
Chop and add carrots to the same height as thick
Add the boiling water to the ingredients and wait for 1 minute.
In short, wash the materials with boiling water
Lemon juice
Use plenty of juicy lemons
Add spices and salt
Add some sugar
Add some flour
Mix thoroughly
Add boiling water
Add olive oil
Mix and stir
Cover with aluminum foil and bake for two hours
Carefully check the firing condition by opening the foil carefully
I need to bake some more
After frying for another half an hour, the vegetables were puked and ready for service
You can serve it with rice and yogurt
Olive oil lemon juice garlic and sugar vegetable dishes must be tried absolutely
Get so much appetite for healthy eating