Filipino Star Bread Recipe

Filipino Star Bread Recipe
Try the new Recipe of Star Bread. This is a Kind of a Filipino Bread. It smell really good and taste so yummy.
In Recipe You need:
500g or 4 cups Flour
7g or 1 Tbsp Instant Yeast Powder
40g or ½ cup Powdered Milk
50g or ¼ cup Butter
200ml or 1 cup Freshmilk
100g or ½ cup Sugar
5g or 1 tsp Salt
1 Tbsp VegetableOil
2 Eggs medium
50g or ¼ cup Flour
Extra Flour for Dusting

Expanding Time before Forming: 60mins (store in warm place)
Expanding Time after forming: 15mins (store in warm place)
Baking Time: 20mins
Baking Temperature: 160 Degree Celsius Pre-Heated Oven
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