How to make soft and fluffy Hokkaido Milk Bread (Recipe) – Cách làm bánh mì sữa Hokkaido

(English & Vietnamese) This video shows how to make super soft and fluffy HOKKAIDO BREAD? Printable recipe and troubleshootings on my blog:

* Tool: 1 loaf pan 25 x 5 x 7 cm
* Ingredients:
• 270 gr bread flour – sifted
• 30 gr cake flour – sifted
• 5 gr instant yeast
• 15 gr milk powder
• 40 gr sugar
• 4 gr salt
• 25 gr egg
• 125 – 140 gr milk – cool
• 75 gr whipping cream (30 – 40% fat) – cool

* Note:
– If you don’t have cake flour, you can substitute them with all purpose flour or bread flour (same quantity). The amount of milk, therefore, needs to be adjusted depending on the type of flour used (flour with higher protein ratio needs more milk/ liquid in general).

– To have 25 gr egg, lightly whisk one egg and measure 25 gr. The remaining egg can be used for egg wash.

– The instant yeast shouldn’t touch sugar or salt or they will die.
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– Khuôn bánh của mình có kích thước 25 x 5 x 7 cm.

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