White Bread Recipe/How to make sandwich bread/Sandwich Bread recipe/How to make bread at home

White Bread Recipe/How to make sandwich bread/Sandwich Bread recipe/How to make bread at home

This video will help you make soft white bread or sandwich bread in a simple 5 step method.

Complete written Recipe :https://merryboosters.com/simple-white-bread-recipe/

The step by step video will show you how to make bread at home and this video specifically tells about how to make sandwich bread at home.

Homemade bread recipes does not contain preservatives or improvers and so homemade breads are the best.
Basic White bread recipes are popular and favorite bread as they are soft and can be toasted or can have with soups or stews.

This simple white bread recipe is an easy bread recipe as we does not require any special equipments to make this bread and can be made with only six basic ingredients.

I love this sandwich bread as they are soft and fluffy and has soft crust on top and they are not overly sweet.

This Basic white bread recipe can be adapted in such a way that we can include whole wheat flour or other whole meal flours and can make it more nutritious.

Another good thing that some of you may love about this white bread recipe is that it is eggless bread recipe and not use milk in this white bread recipe.

The method of making this sandwich bread or basic white bread is simple and easy.

Here is how to make sandwich bread at home.

1.Prepare the bread dough
2.Proof the bread dough for 2 hours
3.Shape the white sandwich bread dough
4.Final rising(70-80 minutes)
5.Bake the bread.

The size of baking pan :7.5 inches length x 4 inches breadth x 4 inches height
or 19.5 cm length x 10 cm breadth x 11 cm height

In this basic white bread recipe video, we also see how to knead the bread dough without much effort and get to a stage of passing “window pane test”.

We will also see how to shape a simple loaf bread in such a way that we can make beautiful homemade bread in our own kitchen.

Hope you like this video on how to make bread and specifically how to make a basic white bread or sandwich bread.
Hope you found this easy bread recipe helpful and hope you will make this at home.

Printable recipe White sand with bread recipe :https://merryboosters.com/simple-white-bread-recipe/

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