Baby Yogurt and Raspberry Ice Cream cake recipe

The 1st birthday party is very important and exciting…most of all for mommy & daddy 🙂
Even if your little one will not understand very well what’s going on, he will enjoy tasting his bday cake or just playing with it!
I remember Luca digging his little hands in his big slice of cake..before tasting it putting his fingers in his mouth, so much fun!
The tricky part of a 1st bday cake is that you want to offer your little one a healthy and baby friendly cake, but at the same time you want your family and guests to enjoy a yummy cake. yes, it’s tricky.
Instead of cooking two different cakes, I would like to share with you this bday cake recipe, perfect for the summer time or a lovely sunny party day: greek yogurt ice cream and raspberry sorbet cake with raspberry sauce.
Totally baby friendly: no lactose, no eggs, no butter. But at the same time adult friendly: creamy, refreshing and light.

If you would like to check the ingredients’list, please have a look at

First birthday cake – yogurt and raspberry ice cream cake recipe

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See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!