Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake (Pressure Cooker) by Tarla Dalal

Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake, perfect homemade cake to celebrate a special occasion.
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Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake (Pressure Cooker)

Everybody dreams of making the perfect homemade cake to celebrate a special occasion, but some are afraid of trying and some don’t have the right tools. With this Eggless Vanilla Cake (Pressure Cooker) recipe, you have no excuses left for not trying. It is really easy and does not require any special appliances like ovens. The humble pressure cooker teams up with common ingredients to give you a fabulous, eggless, vanilla-tinged cake, which you can just slice and serve warm with tea or use as a base for more elaborate creations. While making this cake, try to use the biggest burner on your stove, keeping at a low flame, so that the base of the cooker heats up slowly and uniformly. You can also try other easy cakes like the Eggless Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Cake and Microwave Sponge Cake.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.
Cooking Time: 30 minutes.
Makes 1 sponge cake (7”)

1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup plain flour (maida)
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
¾ cup condensed milk
4 tbsp melted butter
1 cup salt
Melted butter for greasing
Plain flour (maida) for dusting

1. Grease a 175 mm. (7”) diameter cake tin with butter on all the sides. Dust it with plain flour and sift to ensure uniform distribution of the flour.
2. Shake and tap the tin to remove the excess flour and keep aside.
3. Sieve the plain flour, baking powder and baking soda in a deep bowl, mix well and keep aside.
4. Combine the condensed milk, melted butter and vanilla essence in a deep bowl and mix well.
5. Add the prepared sieved plain flour mixture and approx. 5 to 6 tbsp of water and mix gently with help of a spatula.
6. Pour the prepared cake batter into the greased and dusted tin and spread it evenly.
7. Sprinkle the salt at the base of a pressure cooker, and place a steel ring stand and a perforated plate over it. Cover it with a lid (with the ring on the lid but without the whistle) and heat on a medium for 5 minutes.
8. Open the lid of the pressure cooker, place the cake tin on the perforated plate. Cover it with a lid (with the ring on the lid but without the whistle) and steam on a medium for 20 to 25 minutes or till the cake is done.
9. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid. Keep aside to cool for 10 minutes.
10. Invert the tin over a wire rack and tap sharply to unmould the cake or use a knife to loosen the edges of the cake.
Use immediately or as required.