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Description of video & Ingredients:
In this video Barry shows you how to make an extremely impressive looking Eton Mess (strawberry, cream and meringue pieces) pancake cake drizzled in chocolate sauce!
It really is a delicious combination of freshly whipped cream with bashed meringue pieces mixed in and then topped with strawberry slices smothering freshly made pancakes and it went down an absolute storm with the girls (despite my tripod landing in the pancake cake when I was taking pictures!)… I really hope you give this a try, get involved using the #mypancakeday and check out some of the other videos from the FoodTube family.
Oh and if you’re feeling a little out of your depth Barry made and flipped his first ever pancake on YouTube so if you feel you’d rather start with something less intimidating check out some of the other videos including ones with Phoebe going for it too!

1 cup milk / 230ml milk
1 cup self raising flour / 110g self raising flour
1 large egg
Pinch Salt

600ml double cream
500g strawberries, hulled and sliced evenly
6 meringue nests

Extra meringe nests, strawberries & chocolate sauce to serve

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