How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | Cake Recipe Without Oven | Chocolate Cake Recipe

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How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker
In this video i have shown how to make cake without oven by using pressure cooker. Please watch the full video for the recipe.In this recipe I have shown the step by step process of making Chocolate Cake without Oven. This recipe is by my kitchen my dish and can be cooked without oven or microwave, it is recipe of making tasty, spongy and soft cake in pressure cooker. This Cooker cake recipe is very easy to follow, the video and subtitles specify instructions about How to Make Cake in Pressure Cooker. The cake that comes out is perfect chocolate cake and requires very less ingredients.

For Cake:
• Eggs 2 pc
• Maida 65 gms
• Sugar 75 gms
• Milk 1 tbsp
• Baking powder 1.25 tsp
• Coco powder 1.25 tsp
• Vanilla essence 0.5 tsp
• Butter 2 tbsp
• Butter paper
• Salt 150 gms
For Icing:
• Strawberry jelly
• Choco chip
• Nutella 160 gms
• Falero chocolates
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