Plain Cake without Oven | Stove/ চুলায় তৈরী প্লেইন কেক রেসিপি | Chulay kora Basic Soft Vanilla Cake

How to make Basic Plain Cake Recipe at home. Step by step easy Cake Recipe Bangla. Sponge pound cake on stove top. Soft Vanilla pound/sponge cake without Oven & pressure cooker.

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Ingredients for Vanilla Plain Cake:
(Dry ingredients):
All purpose flour
Baking powder
(Wet ingredients):
Unsalted butter
Large Egg
Vanilla essence/ extract

How to make Vanilla Pound cake recipe in stove top. চুলায় তৈরি ভ্যানিলা প্লেইন পাউন্ড কেক রেসিপি. Super Soft Plain Pound Cake without Oven and Pressure Cooker l Homemade Plain Cake Recipe

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