Portal Cake Recipe

GLaDOS’s blue core says the recipe for the cake.

How I was able to listen to it all:
I had “sv_cheats 1” on and I used “impulse 101” to get the rocket launcher. I shot GLaDOS until she dropped all the cores. Then, I went past the vaporization field. GLaDOS will talk and drop the core that doesn’t talk. I quickly incinerated the purple core (that doesn’t talk) and sprinted to the entrance. I aimed the cross hairs to the area around the red phone and typed “ent_remove” this will quiet GLaDOS and will stop her from releasing the neurotoxin. I retrieved the blue core and was able to listen to it all, uninterrupted.

I used the Source Recorder for this video.
Type “impulse 200” with “sv_cheats 1” on into the console to hide the weapon.
Type “hidehud 4” into the console to hide the heads up display.

All footage was taken from the game Portal. © Valve Corporation.