Red velvet cake recipe video – How to make a classic red velvet cake

Looking for a classic red velvet cake recipe that ALWAYS turns out a gorgeous red colour? Watch this video to see how to make this foolproof red velvet cake for a perfect result every time. Find the full recipe here:

On one of the most frequent cake questions we receive from our members is how to make a red velvet cake that is a gorgeous, deep red colour and not pale pink, or even worse – brown. That’s why we made this video – to show you how to make a perfect red velvet cake every time!

This recipe submitted to the site by Magda was tried and tested by our recipe test kitchen to be sure that it was ‘the one’. We found that using a red gel food colouring produced a more vibrant result than using liquid food colouring, so that is one tip to keep in mind when shopping for ingredients.

We also found that mixing in the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar at the very last minute ensured a well-risen cake with a lovely texture. So fold this into the cake mixture at the last minute, just before transferring to the tins and placing in the oven.

Finally, many red velvet cakes out there contain too much cocoa powder and thus are more likely to produce a brownish cake. This recipe for red velvet cake contains just the right amount of cocoa powder, so no worries there!

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