soft and light chocolate sponge cake(no music)–Cooking A Dream

super soft and spongy chocolate cake recipe

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Cake flour:
stand mixer:
glass bowl:

80g cake flour(1/2 cup+3tbsp)
20g cocoa powder (1/4 cup)
50g sugar (1/4 cup)
40g oil(1/4 cup)
50g milk (less than 4tbsp)
6g vanilla(1tsp)
pinch of salt
66g egg yolk (4 large)

130g egg whites(4 large)
50g sugar(1/4 cup)
1tsp lemon juice

7″ cake pan (18cm x 7cm)

Bake at 150°c preheated oven for 85(5 min up&down) at the bottom rack

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