how to make moist & Easy Vanilla cupcake Recipe | how to make Vanilla cupcakes

How To Make Moist & Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe :
In this video I am going to teach you exact method How to make Moist & Easy Vanilla Cupcake it is super easy & delicious recipe for you. Watch it and apply give me your comments.

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How To Make Moist & Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe: Today, you are going to learn How To Make Moist & Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe in this video you will watch the Ingredients recipes & Method of How To Make Moist & Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe.
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1. 04 Eggs

2 . 1cup All-Purpose flour

3. 1cup Granulated sugar

4. 1cup Vegetable oil

5. 1tsp Vanilla essence

6. 1tsp Baking powder

7. Pinch of salt

Getting ready to Start Making

First grease your cup cake tray or pan then arrange cup cakes liner.

Sift All-Purpose flour baking powder & salt In a large bowl take.

sugar and oil beat it until it become creamy in colour, add eggs one

by one then add vanilla essence then add sifted All-Purpose flour

into three to four sections. now fold the batter pour, it in the

cupcakes liners and bake it for 10 minutes at 180˚c. now insert

toothpick when it’s clear now your moist and easy vanilla cupcakes

ready to eat & enjoy wow!