Poke Cupcakes – Dozens of Great Easy Cupcake Recipes

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Poke Cupcakes – Dozens of Great Easy Cupcake Recipes

"I love their cookbooks
They're filled with real recipes, humor and good-natured humility that's hard to come by in cookery."Monty Hooker, Hooker by CookThis edition includes:Banana Split Second CupcakesCherry Poke CupcakesOrange You Glad They're Poke CupcakesPina Colada Poke CupcakesLemon-Lime CupcakesHanukah Poke CupcakesChristmas Poke CupcakesStrawberry Spring CupcakesCarrot Poke CupcakesHawaiian Poke CupcakesChocolate Macaroon CupcakesPoke cupcakes are cupcakes with something special — tasty ingredients streaming through the middle of them, from gelatin to fudge to pudding to other great ingredients
These are the most easy cupcake recipes you've ever seen, and they all taste like you've baked for days
If you're looking for easy recipes for cupcakes, including cake mix cupcakes, though you can still use our scratch cakes recipes as a base, There is everything from strawberry cup cakes recipes to blue gelatin poke cake to carrot cake cupcakes and a dozens of other innovative recipes and some classic recipes, too
The recipes include our grandmother's legendary basic cake recipes — or make them by directions with the recipes using a cake mix.Our cupcakes are kitchen-tested.


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