Carrot Halwa Recipe-How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa-Indian Sweet Recipes By Harshis Kitchen

Carrot halwa or gajar ka halwa is one of the most popular Indian sweet recipe. Gajjar ka halwa recipe it is made with grated carrots, whole milk, and nuts. How to make this mouth watering carrot halwa is shown in easy step by step process in this video of harshis kitchen indian recipes.

Ingredients required for Carrot Halwa-Gajar Ka Halwa

Clarified Butter/Ghee – 4 TBSPN
Almonds, Cachews and Pistachio
Carrots – 500 gms
Sugar- 1/2 Cup
Sweetend Khoya – 1 Cup
Whole Milk – 2 Cups
Cardamom Powder – 1 TSPN

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