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Bengali Rasgulla Recipe / Rosgulla needs no introduction, India’s most popular dessert, please make a note of the ingredients and instructions for Sweet Recipes

Bengali Rasgulla Recipe (Sweet Recipes)


01 Litre Milk (Full Cream)
01 Lemon Juice
1&1/2 Litres Water
01 Cup Sugar (200 gms)

Bengali Rasgulla Recipe (Sweet Recipes)

Cooking Instructions

1) Boil Milk in a Skillet/Pan, cook at a high flame until it comes to a boil, once it comes to a boil put off the flame

2) and add half a lemon, observe if the milk curdles, if it does not keep adding more lemon juice until the milk finally curdles.

3) using a sieve and a clean muslin/cheese cloth, separate the curdled milk from the chenna (cottage cheese).

4) we will discard and throw away the curdled milk and use the chenna for preparing the Rasgulla recipe.

5) add ice cubes to this chenna within the muslin cloth, this change in temperature keeps the rasgulla’s soft and tender.

6) the chenna is sour in taste because of the lemon we had added at step 2), so make sure you soak it in enough water while it’s still within the muslin/cheese cloth, let it rest in water for 3 minutes.

7) rinse the chenna cloth properly using your hands and squeeze out all the water, and now over a plate spread the chenna and mash it gently with your hands until you find no lumps, keep mashing for 5 minutes.

8) now make small round balls of chenna and keep them aside, remember these balls will grow 3 times their original size once you add them to sugar syrup to make rasgulla’s, which we will prepare in upcoming steps.

9) for the sugar syrup, graba pressure cooker and add 1 and 1/2 litres of water add 200 gms of sugar, and keep boiling until the sugar dissolves and water comes to a boil, now drop in the rasgulla’s and cover the pressure cooker with a lid and wait for a whistle.

10) after one whistle, put off the flame of the pressure cooker and wait for 5 minutes for the steam to release naturally, even after 5 minutes if you still find steam within, manually release the steam and open the lid, vola, BIG Spongy Rasgulla’s floating in front of you.

11) cover this pressure cooker with a lid, just keep it aside to come down to room temperature, and now you can store it in the fridge and serve it chilled , enjoy Rasgulla’s with family and friends 🙂

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