21 Day Fix Recipe – Healthy Version of Chicken Parmesan

*You can have this on 21 Day Fix – just measure your portions accordingly 🙂

Directions Below (typed and video I followed)

Video that I followed – https://youtu.be/3UE5ejqSmEA

cherrios (crushed)
parmesan cheese
italian seasoning
onion powder
morton’s light salt

tomato sauce:
can of regular tomato sauce
1 diced tomato
diced red onion
tsp of olive oil
italian seasoning
cook on stove top

Bake chicken on 405 degrees for 20 minutes
after 20 minutes, add on tomato sauce mixture
top with mozzarella cheese
*I baked for 8 minutes on 405 then put broiler on (that is why it was browned)

Zuchinni Spaghetti:
Used Zuchinni Squash and vegetti tool ($15 at Target)

Top Spaghetti with chicken parmesan! ENJOY 🙂

It was delish!!