BONDI HIPSTERS – The Fridge Juice Detox

Get on board the hottest new detox diet craze, the Fridge Juice Detox. As seen on Channel 7’s The Morning Show!

Move over Lemon Detox Diet and make way for the Fridge Juice Detox. It’s time to detoxify all those toxins. Get rid of them because they are toxic! Call now and receive a free bag of Bondi Bonnet Berries.

The Fridge Juice Detox is a Trademark of Dom and Adrian and the Bondi Hipsters. Fridge Juice is totally free and we don’t want your money anyway, we just don’t want Monsanto, Unilever, Nestle or any other of those Multi-national dickheads to steal the name and sell it to you for $5 a bottle. Keep Fridge Juice Free.

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