Detox Special Jason Vale Juice Recipe

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One of the main juices on the 3-Day Juice challenge, the detox special is packed with the finest green, yellow & orange juices, all of which are designed to furnish the system with optimum nutrition without putting a burden on the on the digestive system. This allows the system to detox naturally whilst giving the right nutrients and anti-oxidants maximize the process of detoxification.

3 Apples
1 Carrot
2 – 3cm of Lemon
1/4 Yellow Bell Pepper
2 – 3cm Cucumber
1/4 Celery Stalk
2 – 3cm Broccoli
2 – 3cm Raw Beetroot
1 Avocado
1 small handful of Ice

Juice – Place one whole apple in the juicer and then add all the other ingredients except the avocado, finishing off with the final apples and juice.
Blend – Place a couple of ice cubes in the blender along with the flesh from the avocado. Add the juice and blend until creamy and smooth.

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