How to make healthy detox juice from Carrot and Beetroot at home? WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW.

A healthy detox juice filled with vitamins is a great way to start your day! Make a change in your lifestyle by first starting to eat healthy. Help your stomach to work less by including a good detox juice diet and feel lighter. 

Many a time’s people face various stomach problems like acidity, indigestion, constipation etc. on account of bad food habits. This is the time where you must relax the gut by choosing a carrot detox diet or even a beet juice detox for a few days in order to flush out all the unwanted toxins from the body.

Benefits of beetroot:

1. Improve Blood Flow: Beets are considered to be high in nitrates. These nitrates change into nitrites with the help of mouth bacteria and increase the blood flow to the brain.

2. Reduce Blood Pressure: The rich amount of nitrates in beets help to reduce blood pressure. Drinking two glasses of beet juice every day can effectively reduce your blood pressure.

3. Detoxifies the Liver: Beetroots contains betaine which supports the liver to function well.

4. Iron Deficiency and Anemia: Red beetroots have plenty of iron.  Drinking beet juice aids in regeneration of red blood cells. Beetroot juice is used to treat and prevent anemia. It is also a good home remedy for menstrual disorders and menopause symptoms.

5. Good for Muscles:  Beetroot juice increases muscle strength. Many athletes include beetroot juice into their daily diet to achieve better athletic results.

6. Cures Inflammation: Beetroots contain tons of antioxidants that improve the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Carrot juice benefits:

Carrot Juice is highly favored, due to its amazing health benefits, all over the world. Carrot is one of the most healing foods that provide you with the highest quality of nutrients, especially from its juice.

1. Carrots are a powerhouse of pro-vitamin A, vitamins C, D, E, K, B1 and B6. 

2. The three most important nutrients are beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin which are prevalent in carrots. They considerably improve eye health. The absence of beta carotene can cause various forms of eye disorders, including macular degeneration and even blindness. Lutein and zeaxanthin, both aid in reducing the risk of age-related vision loss.

3. Carotenoids are found in carrots and other orange vegetables. They are rich antioxidants that can reduce the danger of various forms of temporary illnesses and serious ones. Carrots and carrot juice strengthen the immune system by protecting the body from free radical damage, harmful bacteria, viruses and inflammation.

Let us go through some of the steps listed below in order to make your own detox juice in no time at the comfort of your home. Here is how to do beetroot carrot juice:

First of all, you will need the following ingredients ready by your side like :-
4 Carrots 
4 Medium Beet roots &
3 Large spring basil

# Once you have these ingredients set by your side, start the process by first washing and cutting the carrots into small pieces. 
# Slice the beetroot’s too into equal parts and set them aside and also chop the spring basil into thin slices. 
# Place all these vegetables into a blender and process until it reaches a smooth consistency. 
# Once done, pour this scrumptious juice out into a tall glass and relish its flavor! 

Call this either the beet detox or the carrot detox drink; they both are equally beneficial for your health.

Eliminate bad food habits and embrace a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow!

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