How to Make Lauki Juice | Natural Detox, Coolant | Lauki Juice for High BP, Cholesterol, Weight Loss

Lauki juice or Bottlegourd juice provides many health benefits besides detoxifying and cooling the body. Learn how to make delicious lauki juice by adding a few more ingredients to it.

Among its many other health benefits are the following:
– prevents and removes plaque deposits from arteries and reduces
risk of heart attack & stroke. keeps heart healthy
– reduces weight
– reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
– cleans the stomach, strengthens the digestive system & relieves
gas, constipation & even diarrhea
– hydrates the body
– combats urinary infections
– relieves stress & tension

Important! Please note:
Always taste a piece of lauki before making juice to see that it is not bitter.
Never drink bitter lauki juice. Always peel lauki before juicing & drink the juice as soon as you make it since it gets oxidized very fast

4-5 inch cucumber
4-5 inch lauki (bottlegourd)
5 tulsi leaves
1/2 lemon/lime
a pinch of black pepper powder
black salt to taste ( do not add if you have high BP)

Written recipe:

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