Kuvings Cooking Style : Detox Juice and detox salad by Whole Slow Juicer Chef

■ The motor of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef(CS600), as powerful as an industrial grade motor, enables maximum 24 hours.
(When using for commercial purposes, regularly clean out pulp left in the container. It can then continuously work up to 24hours.)

Detox Juice and Detox Salad for Morning Detox

Drinking detox juice every morning on an empty stomach helps you cleanse digestive system which has been accumulating over night.

Select a pomegranate by weight, not color. A good ripe pomegranate is heavy. Heavies pomegranates contain more juice.
Aroma with various vegetables tempts your appetite and it works well for diet.

Enjoy the wholesome taste with all the nutrition!

■ Kuvings whole slow juicer chef (CS600)
Heavy duty motor that can run several hours
Ideal for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafe, juice bars or home user.

kuvings whole slow juicer chef speed: 60RPM
kuvings whole slow juicer chef weight: 9.1kg
kuvings whole slow juicer chef maximum use: less than 1,440 minutes (Maximum 24 hr)

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