Easy Healthy Recipes: Kris Carr’s Mushroom Croquettes

http://www.donnaandtora.com/2013/05/k… for the full recipe.

Easy Healthy Recipes, as we continue with our “If Donna Can Cook It So Can You” series.

This time she is whipping up a delicious Kris Carr recipe Mushroom Croquettes, which are so yummy you wouldn’t even know they are vegan.

These lovely mushroom croquettes actually saved the day when we where doing a week of detoxing, as we wanted something delicious and nutritious and these fit the bill completely.

Really hope you enjoy Kris Carr’s wonderful mushroom croquettes as much as we do, as we have now made them part of our weekly menu. and make sure you check our her fabulous cook book http://kriscarr.com/products/crazy-se…

If you buy it off her site you’ll get some free cooking lessons too, so make sure you check it out.

Enjoy our cooking video of Kris Carr’s mushroom croquettes!

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