How To Cut tuna for steak, sushi, wok – gluten free recipe

Whether you have caught a tuna fish yourself. The next question is how to slice it up. Cutting tuna yourself rather than buying pre-cut steaks will save you money.
Place your tuna fish on the cutting board. Cut carefully so you do not harm the surrounding skin on the fish. Even if you do not want to eat the skin, it will help to hold the steaks together as you cut them. Consider how many servings you want from the tuna. Consider the overall size of the tuna, and visually divide it up into approximate two-inch sections. Make the first cut with your chef’s knife, easing the tip in and slicing downward, pushing the knife forward and downward from its base. Do not hold it too tightly, and do not make a sawing motion or you will tear the meat. Clean, precise, decisive cutting is what is needed to create well-defined tuna steaks. Cut the remainder of the tuna fish into steaks.

Make sure your knives are really sharp before attempting to cut your tuna into steaks.

The fins will be more difficult to remove if the fillet knife is not sharp, and if neither knife is sharp, clean cuts will be next to impossible.

If you want your steaks to look clean, professional, and beautiful, sharpen your knives.

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