Healthy Recipe for Banana Tea to help you sleep

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Healthy Recipe for Banana Tea
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Bananas, including their peels, are full to the brim with potassium and magnesium. While magnesium helps prevent sleep disturbances, both magnesium and potassium work together to relax our muscles. In fact, magnesium is one of the best minerals for relaxation.
Bear in mind that this recipe calls for 100% organic bananas. Bananas that are not organic are loaded with harmful pesticides and since I encourage you to eat the boiled peel, it must be chemical-free.
Start off by scrubbing and washing one organic banana. Then, cut off both ends of the banana and place it, peel and all, into boiling water.
Boil it for around 10 minutes.
Using a colander, pour the water into a mug. If you’re feeling adventurous, sprinkle the cinnamon into the tea. Drink it one hour before bed time.
Of course, don’t forget you can eat the left over boiled banana! Eating the warm, gooey fruit and its peel along with the tea will increase its soothing effects… Not to mention it makes a yummy dessert!
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