Alcohol On KETO DIET: Will Drinking Kick You Out of Ketosis?

Should you drink alcohol on the keto diet?

Will alcohol kick you out of ketosis?

Are there better and worse alcohols to drink while on the ketogenic diet?

First, we are not advocating that you drink alcohol on the keto diet- alcohol is not going to help you with weight loss, mental performance or physical performance goals, whether you are on the ketogenic diet or not.

However, we drink and understand that it’s a stress reliever and is part of our culture.

So, let’s get into how to drink alcohol and stay in ketosis.

Choose quality alcohol.
-Cut out beer altogether.
-Choose dry wine with lower than 12.5% alcohol content (check out for keto friendly wines)
-Drink hard alcohol straight or with soda water – no mixed drinks

Don’t drink too much! Your tolerance for alcohol tends to decrease while in ketosis and drinking too much can both kick you out of ketosis and it can lead to bad decisions (like ordering a pizza), which can kick you out of ketosis.

How to avoid a keto hangover
-Eat real food beforehand
-Stay hydrated
-Consume electrolytes

All that being said, your goal may not necessarily be to stay in ketosis for the rest of your life and enjoying a special drink every once in a while might add enough to the quality of your life to offset getting kicked out of ketosis for a bit.

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