CREATINE on the Keto Diet?
Is CREATINE okay for KETO DIETERS to take?

In terms of blood glucose and ketone levels, ABSOLUTELY! Mike takes 5g with no change, and then 10g of creatine and still no crazy changes – his ketones just continue to rise throughout the fast.

Average Blood Glucose Change: 0
Average Blood Ketone Change: +0.05

Question is if keto dieters even need that much creatine if they’re already eating a lot of beef, but why not — it’s safe, effective, and cheap!

Use at least 3g/day to maintain muscle stores, 5g/day is better, but the big guys sometimes like 10g or more without problems!

Thanks to NutraBio for providing the material and perfect scooper!

Here’s the NutraBio 3rd Party Lab test:
This test clearly has some variance to it, but it looks like it’s testing fine!

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