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In today’s video we talk about the 25 best benefits of the keto diet (ketogenic diet) This is a great beginners topic because It will help you understand a little more beyond just weight loss what benefits you can experience from this lifestyle! Time stamps are below!

10 DAY EXPERIENCE (My Fav Ketones):

1. Weight loss (1:20)

2. Abundant Energy (2:15)

3. Improves memory, mental clarity, sharpness and cognitive functions (3:15)

4. Improves Metabolism (4:17)

5. Improves Blood Sugar Levels (5:45)

6. Helps Prevent Heart Disease (7:25)

7. Reduced Inflammation (7:57)

8. Assists with gastrointestinal and gallbladder health (8:47)

9. Assists in Women’s Health PCOS (9:19)

10. Clearer and Healthier Skin (10:15)

11. Anti-Aging Effects (10:51)

12. Better Quality Sleep (11:38)

13. Menstrual Cycle (12:13)

14. Eyesight (13:05)

15. Reduces Risk of Chronic Diseases (13:31)

16. Anti Cancer Benefits (13:58)

17. Gaining Muscle and Maintain or Improve Strength (15:27)

18. Oxygen Utilization is Better (17:40)

19. Fixes or Improves Insulin Dysfunction (insulin resistance) (18:13)

20. Improves Mood (18:52)

21. Reduce Medications (19:57)

22. Better Self Esteem (20:30)

23. Simplifies Life (21:50)

24. Lose Food Obsessions (22:25)

25. Breastfeeding Benefits to the Infant While on a Keto Diet. (23:20)


Here is a Clinical Study showing all the results of the patients in detail. It even stated in the Discussion area on the bottom that the medical world that was once skeptical of the Keto Diet is changing their minds. Also discusses how it is being used with epilepsy. This case study has really been circulating around.

Article on 43 health benefits

Article on 10 benefits

Dr. Ken Berry – 7 Great Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits

The Ketogenic Diet for Health – Infants and Breastfeeding

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